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​Sitting is the new smoking
(with some very good news for the sedentary)

After Gretchen Reynolds, the popular fitness columnist for the New York Times, finished her research for her new book, which distills the latest understanding of exercise from the experts, she started exercising less. The book torpedoes several major and popular myths about working out, and one of them is that more is better. Not so. Even simply walking around the house doing chores, is extremely beneficial, the newest research concludes.

Another myth sent to the trashbin is that regular exercise in itself can prevent all ills, including the bad effects of prolonged sitting. Sorry. Research shows that even if you do a good workout almost every day, it won't reverse the damage that prolonged, unrelieved sitting does to your body.

But good news -- there's a pretty easy antidote: Stand. Yes, studies show that simply standing up, and even better, moving around a little, for just two minutes every 20, has a very beneficial effect, and can actually reverse the unhealthy effect of long-time butt parking.

Here's a nice little intro to the book, with a half dozen other revelations (from the NPR book program):


Here's to your health!